Let’s Make It FUN!

School is fun! Did you know you can have a custom background in Zoom?  We have created a few fun backgrounds for our students to use as their Zoom background! In just a few easy steps, you can download one of these images and set it as your background when you log into zoom!  Choose one of the background’s below and download/save it to your computer and then:

STEP 1: Sign into Zoom webportal/app

STEP 2: In the navigation menu, click SETTINGS

STEP 3: In the meeting tab, navigate to the VIRTUAL BACKGROUND option (under the in Meeting (Advanced) Section) and verify that the setting is enabled. 

STEP 4: to upload a photo to use as your background, on the same Virtual Background Page, click the + icon next to where it says Choose Virtual Background. A box will pop up allowing you to upload a photo from your computer. Click on the one you want, and it will appear alongside the other pictures as an option for you to choose from.

**This is optional, not a requirement.  We ask, per school policy, that you keep backgrounds simple so they do not distract other students from learning.  Thank you and enjoy!