Middle School Resources

Here are a few resources to help your student successfully navigate middle School!

Learning Coach University

LCU is a required training designed to give you all the tools and training needed to support your students this year. Earn your 2019-20 Learning Coach Expert certificate by completing Learning Coach University (LCU). You will love the NEW look and information HERE


UTVA is on an online public charter school with a set school schedule. The school year consists of 180 school days starting in August and ending in June. Students are required to log in and be in school unless indicated as a holiday or break by the school district. Please refer to our SCHOOL CALENDAR for approved holidays and breaks.

Students at UTVA need to log in into school every school day using their student user name and password. If a student does not log in, the day is recorded as an unexcused absence.

Middle School Tutorials and Rescources

Principal: Lori Simonson


Video Tutorial
It is important for the student and LC to read and respond to emails daily.

Middle School and High School uses the same platform (OMS and OHS). The videos below apply to both MS and HS. Have questions? Please contact your mentor or teacher.

Watch Video HERE

Click HERE for helpful tips about navigating the OMS/OHS student landing page.

Do you see this when you open your lessons?

Do you see this when you open your lessons?

Here are a few pieces of information that can help you fix this situation.

1. Always use firefox for your school stuff.

2. Follow these directions to turn on adobe flash. This is required to view the lessons.

From Menu (three lines in top right corner)

  • Options
  • Add-ons
  • By Shockwave Flash choose always activate.

3. Turn OFF popup blockers

From Menu (three lines in top right corner)

  • Options
  • Privacy & Security
  • Uncheck Block Pop-ups