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Speech and Language

Welcome to the Speech and Language Department.  We are committed to helping your students succeed!  

Mrs. Brown
Speech-Language Technician
Meeting ID: 982 508 7039
Text: 385-722-4348

Mrs. Hartsook
Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: lhartsook@dotcomtherapy.com

Mrs. S
Speech-Language Pathologist
Meeting ID: 884 741 6651
Text: 435-414-9691


*Save the speech Zoom room links (& meeting ids) for easy access to your child’s speech sessions.

*Do not go through Class Connect/Blackboard. Go directly to your speech Zoom room.

*If you are using the Zoom app on your computer you will need the meeting id.

*Please have your child use a computer rather than a phone or tablet as these items are not compatible with most of the interactive materials that we use for speech therapy.

*Please have your child set up in a quiet, distraction-free environment for his/her sessions.

*Please be nearby & available to assist your child if needed during his/her sessions.

*If you have a headset with a microphone (e.g. Apple earbuds, gaming headset) please make sure that your child is using that for his/her sessions.

*If you do not have a headset with a microphone please let us know.

*Please notify us via text or e-mail if your student is unable to attend his/her session, just as you would for private speech therapy or other medical appointments. His/her speech time has been reserved for him/her.


Thank you for assisting us in providing the best speech-language services for your child.