Kindness Matters

School Wide Incentive - Kindness Matters Month

  • Work on your BINGO card throughout the month of November. 
  • Students with a BINGO row completed will be entered into a drawing for awesome prizes! (Limit one entry per student.)
  • Students that earn blackout (all the squares on your card are completed) will be invited to attend our VIRTUAL KINDNESS PARTY at the end of the month.


Red Ribbon Poster Contest Winners

2nd Grade Winners!

1st Place – Kate H. 

2nd Place – Sarah S. 

3rd Place – 

2nd Grade Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention – Gabriella T.

Honorable Mention – Philip C. 

3rd Grade Winners!

1st Place – Evan K.

4th Grade Winners!

1st Place – Olivia T

2nd Place – McKenzie R.

3rd Place – Shayla G.

6th Grade Winners!

1st Place – Isabel K.

7th Grade Winners!

1st Place – Saddi & Delilah K.

2nd Place – Candelaria M. 

3rd Place – Kylee C. 

8th Grade Winners!

1st Place – Vanessa H. 

2nd Place – Koby C. 

Red Ribbon Week 2019

Send a Message. Stay Drug Free.

Red Ribbon Week Details:

  • Monday Oct. 28: Wear RED and take the Pledge to be DRUG FREE!
  • Tuesday Oct. 29: Silly Sock Day
  • Wednesday Oct. 30: Crazy Hair Day *Poster Contest Submissions due*
  • Thursday Oct. 31: Costume Day
  • Friday Nov. 1: School Spirit Day
    (Wear your UTVA shirt or Purple and Black)

What you need to know: 

There are 3 different age groups! K-2, 3-5, 6-8. We will have 3 winners in each group. If you win you will get a prize sent to you in the mail! 

Rules and Guidelines: 

One poster submission per student It must be your own, original art work You must include the red ribbon week theme on your poster “Send a message. Stay drug free.” Poster can be 8 x 11 inches or bigger Take a picture or scan in your poster for submission Posters will be judged by these things: Creativity Tie to Theme Artwork When you are done with your poster email it to

You need to include:
1. Your Name
2. Your Grade Level
3. Attach your poster


Take the Student Pledge

Take the Parent Pledge

October Educators of the Month

Meet our Educators of the Month!

Erin Cluff is the Mentor of the month. She has taken extreme ownership in her role as a PLC lead. She works diligently  to ensure the mentors are working as a team to do what best for students! Erin is always willing to share her knowledge with others and has been key in training and supporting our new mentors. Her problem solving skills and great ideas help to increase team morale and ensure success. Thanks Erin for all that you do for us at UTVA!

Holly is our SPED educator of the month! Holly is an all-around team player and is so great to jump in and help her Gen-Ed counterparts with anything they need.  She knows her students and her data well and uses it daily when planning lessons to meet her student needs. She works hard to plan her lessons around state essential standards mastery to ensure that each child will achieve maximum growth. She has given her Kindergarten students extra chances for reading practice that are outside of the OLS curriculum.  She is innovative in her teaching and has a great rapport with each of her students. Her classroom is the happiest place on Earth—sorry Disney, she’s got you beat! She always has smile on her face and some spunk in her step as she tackles new challenges in teaching.



Stacy Dalton is the K-5 educator of the month! Stacy has jumped right in to using Zoom and Nearpod during her classes. In addition, Stacy is trying innovative things such as using flip grid as a tool for students to record themselves reading sight words. Her classroom culture is extremely positive. She has beginning of class celebrations for exit ticket rock stars and prize drawings for participation. She is a master at tracking data and knowing her students strengths and areas of need. Stacy has extreme ownership of her students, where they are academically, and where they need to go. In addition to all these wonderful things Stacy has gone above and beyond and secured a free Tracy Aviary membership for our school. Thanks Stacy! 

Janalee Miller is the Middle School educator of the month! Janalee is eager, driven and committed to figuring out how to be the best teacher she can be for her students.  She asks great questions, is creative with her ideas and has picked up all of the new systems and programs very quickly.  When walking through her classroom one could never tell she is new around here, she handles classroom management and lesson delivery like a pro! Her MTSS documents are detailed and student need focused.  She has a relentless work ethic and a positive growth mindset that is helping her be a very effective teacher that her kids are so lucky to have! 

4th Grade Natural History Museum Adventures!

We had a record number of 4th graders on our outing!  We enjoyed the museum!  The students enjoyed hands on learning, interacting with one another and the overall consensus was “FUN!”  There was an optional hike that some students participated in!  They said it was, “hot, but worth it.”  They were tired, hot and sweaty at the end, but all in all, this was a very successful outing!  Thank you to our 4th grade teachers for making this happen~

Uintah Literacy Event

Our K8 students had the opportunity to attend the Uintah Literacy Event last week! Students met at the Uintah County Library where they played Bingo for books, Boggle, and wrote their own film strip. The children’s librarian then took them on a tour of the library. They learned where to find certain materials, learned about upcoming events and programs, they even got to peek in the back and see how books are sorted.  It was fun to see the student’s excitement learn about the library and interact with each other! 

Back to School Night 2019

Back To School Night 2019 is in the books!  We had a successful night filled with games, food and fun!  It was fun to see so many of our students interact with each other.  We had carnival style games put on by our teachers, face painting, spin the wheel, popcorn and cotton candy made by non other than Principal Kreitzer!  Thank you to our families who drove from near and far to support our Back to School Night.