Educators of the Month

Nov. Educator’s of the Month

Meet our Educators of the Month

Mike Parkin Mentor of the Month:

His focus is always on building relationships with students and Learning coaches alike. This dedication has been clearly evident, especially while working with families who have experienced trauma. It is sometimes difficult to remain calm when our parents and students are in crisis. Mikes ability to redirect the conversations from chaos to solution focused problem solving is commendable. Thanks Mike for all you do to help our students succeed!!!

K5 SPED Educator of the Month

Carol is so organized and cares so much about her kids. She has been working with a larger caseload than ideal and still has managed to continue to deliver exceptional service to her students! She always has extension activities/questions on her teaching slides to push the students to extend their learning with each concept. She has been pushing them to explain “why” or “how” they got their answer when they give her a response. She’s also been working on getting her assessments put into Nearpod so that she has a better way to track them.

K-5 Educator of the Month:

Sarah Andersen is a veteran virtual teacher rock star! She has really mastered the MTSS process and is truly a data driven instruction teacher. She has amazing pre and post data for her standards and it is evident that what she is doing in her classes is working by the growth that is reflected in the post test data! She is a leader in our school and goes above and beyond in the service of her Math team. Her classroom culture is fun and there is always a party to be earned or something fun for those kids to look forward to! She continues to innovate and lead out in trying new ways to be the best virtual 4th grade math class possible.


MS SPED Educator of the Month:

Jaci is a team player and always sharing and complimenting others on great ideas to improve teaching! She is working on her DOK questioning and has sought out observations to track her questioning and DOK levels so she can see where she needed to improve. She is trying to implement group work and is looking for ways to do a better job of differentiating.

MS Educator of the Month:

Jodi is a passionate educator who continues to strive to be her very best for her students. She is constantly striving to sharpen her teaching tools. She is always looking for creative ways to enhance the learning for her students and is quick to share her good ideas and best practices. Her class is a joy to be in and it’s evident her prep and planning has been intentional to ensure her kids enjoy being there and stay engaged! She is, once again, planning and carrying out an amazing learning trip opportunity for our students traveling to NYC! Her demeanor with her students is so positive and her rapport with them is so solid.